Top Secret Information: The Cure To Losing Money On Affiliate Marketing

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How To Build A 7 Figure Online Business, Without Tech Skills
Or Creating Your Own Products
With This Simple 1 Page Strategy

Discover This Well-Known Millionaire Marketer’s Secret 4 Step Strategy That Lifted 794 Struggling Marketers Out Of Confusion And Overwhelm IMMEDIATELY

Affiliate marketing was meant to be simple, wasn’t it? It’s the reason many of us get into it.

We’re sick of working 40+ hours a week, in jobs we don’t like, with people we don’t like and, to top it all off, we don’t even have job security nowadays.

Affiliate marketing was meant to be the answer to it all. Work just a few hours a day, work from wherever we liked……….it’s the dream.

Now let’s get to reality!

I want to ask you one simple question – please be honest when answering…

Have you ever experienced any of these frustrating, painful situations?

You feel completely overwhelmed with information overload, from consuming endless books, courses, videos, audios, emails etc on affiliate marketing.

You feel confused due to all the conflicting advice, strategies, techniques and tactics, which only leads you to becoming bewildered and taking no action.

You’re tired of being told that, the only way to make money online is if you have your own website, create your own products, and be great at selling, but you don’t have the technical or sales experience to do this.

You keep buying one shiny object after another, each time feeling like you’ve finally found the ONE method that isn’t confusing, complicated, and convoluted…..only to receive it and realise it’s just as bad as the rest.

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, you are not alone!

Over 98.4% Of People NEVER Make Money As An Affiliate

Why is that? Is it because the few that are successful are super smart, are able to absorb all the information from all those courses out there without getting overwhelmed, and never suffering confusion?

NO! Information overload, conflicting advice and convoluted strategies can frustrate and bamboozle even the most intelligent person alive!

No, the ONLY difference between you and successful affiliate marketers is that they’ve found a way to shut out all the nonsense, destroy overwhelm and confusion, and follow just a few important steps that bring them the kind of financial freedom that you, and all other struggling affiliate marketers, dream of.

Never allow yourself to believe that you’re not smart enough for affiliate marketing.

It’s not about being smart, it’s about knowing how to  get rid of all the ‘fluff’ and nonsense  surrounding affiliate marketing, and  discovering the only core 4 steps you need  to create a 7 figure business.

My name is Craig Crawford, and, trust me, I’ve been where you are……overwhelmed, frustrated and tired.

Let’s face it. The only reason we got into the ‘affiliate game’ was we wanted out of our normal jobs. We hated working 40+ hours, in a job we hate, with people we don’t like.

We worry about how we would cope if we were made redundant (there’s just no such thing as job security now). We worry about not spending enough time with family and missing out on our children growing up.

And we worry that we’re wasting our lives away working humdrum jobs, when we should be doing hobbies we love, travelling the world, and getting the most out of the time we have.

Affiliate marketing was meant to be the antidote to all of this. Work for just a few hours week from home, make a great income, and then spend all our spare time doing the things we want with the people we love!

I also got into affiliate marketing, all starry eyed. I too bought one course after another, eager to learn. I too felt crippled with confusion, overwhelm and procrastination.

Thankfully, I was one of the lucky ones. I managed to build a successful affiliate business. But that was after years of serious blood, sweat and tears.

I recently had the privilege of meeting an old friend of mine, someone who I worked with over 19 years ago at a bar.



Since leaving his bartending job, this friend of mine has gone on to become one of the biggest marketers around. In the last 4 years, he has managed to pull in $8,900,750.


He is now an expert affiliate marketer, an international speaker, a trainer who has helped 794 struggling marketers make money online, and he’ll even be sharing the stage with Tony Robbins later in 2018.

However, just like me, his road to riches were full of massive potholes.

He too was bamboozled with all the information out there on affiliate marketing. He too suffered from massive information overload.

He would buy courses that were full to the brim with content, videos, audios…..all with confusing, elaborate and perplexing strategies and techniques.

Just like me, he worried about whether he had the technical skills to be a good affiliate marketer.

In short, he ended up in over $60K worth of debt, buying products, software, plugins, video courses and marketing programs.

At the age of 25, he had maxed out all of his credit cards, and his bank refused to give me him another loan.

It took him 5 years of hard slog before he even managed to make one sale from affiliate marketing.

Can You Relate to This?

  • Do you feel tired and annoyed that, with each course you buy, what was advertised as ‘simple’ turns out to overly intricate strategies that leave you feeling completely befuddled?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the newest techniques, strategies and techniques in affiliate marketing?
  • Do you wish there was a way to make money online that did not involve creating products, websites, or personally selling something?
  • Do you feel confused with all the conflicting advice from different sources?
  • Do you fear losing hard-earned cash on old, rehashed tactics that no longer work, which end up costing you money, instead of making you money?
  • Do you worry that your tech skills are not up to scratch, and you simply can’t make it as an affiliate marketer without these skills?
  • Do you feel like having to go through massive written or video courses is a real drag and utterly boring, and you wish they would just lay out the real story for you, without all the ‘fluff’?
  • Do you fear you’ll never be able to leave your 9-5 job, and you’ll be stuck in a work ‘Groundhog Day’ until you retire?
  • Do you secretly dread having to face your family when they ask you for something, but you don’t have the means to provide?
  • Do you secretly feel like a failure because it feels like every other affiliate marketer is going on and on about how easy it is to make money online, but you find it confusing, complicated and time-consuming?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then trust me, I’ve been there, and I’ve worn the T-shirt.

Just like me, my friend was one of the few lucky ones. He managed to get through all the confusion, overwhelm and procrastination, and find out for himself the core steps of affiliate marketing that actually made money.

When I met up with him recently, I asked him how he had gone from broke to $8,900,750 in the last 4 years.

To my surprise, he took out one blank sheet of A4, and proceeded to write down his entire strategy.

His entire affiliate business strategy fit onto one side of a piece of paper!

Now, I had never seen this before. True, I've also become a successful affiliate marketer. but to see a whole 7 figure business blueprint fit neatly onto one side of A4...... this was something else.

He also revealed to me that this was the exact blueprint he gave to his students. With this one simple blueprint, he had helped 794 struggling affiliate marketers reach 7 figure incomes in just 2 years.

I decided that Ii had to see for myself where this simple, one page blueprint really does work. So, I decided to implement it into my affiliate business...,,,

This Screenshot below is my affiliate earnings using his system…

$153,822.88 AND GROWING

Can you imagine my excitement at receiving affiliate commissions like this??

By just utilizing the 4 easy steps he showed me, steps that are so simple, they fit onto one piece of paper!

I’m sure you are very excited about this too!

Now, my friend never wanted this blueprint to become public. This was his private business blueprint that he shared only with his students.

But I knew how much this could help other struggling affiliate marketers, so I begged for him to allow me to share it with you.

He finally relented, so long as I agreed to only allow access for 7 days. Then, he instructed me to remove it from the public domain forever.

I’m very excited to share this exact 7 figure blueprint with you, so you can get rid of all those perplexing, convoluted strategies and techniques, once and for all, and finally get the simple, easy and fast strategy that is proven to work!


The Paper Project is literally the only blueprint you’ll ever need to create a lucrative income as an affiliate marketer. It hands you the one piece of paper that details the only 4 tactics you need to concentrate on, together with a video training course where this millionaire marketer explains these 4 tactics, so you know exactly what you need to do.

Anyone in affiliate marketing, no matter if you’re a complete wet-behind-the-ears newbie or an established marketer, will find this blueprint essential reading.

  • You do NOT need any technical expertise.
  • You do NOT need to work long hours (just 1-3 hours per day).
  • You do NOT need to create your own products.
  • You do NOT have to go through a long, protracted course.
  • You do NOT have to ‘guess’ what works.
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Stop Buying Course After Course, Making You More & More Confused And Overwhelmed

Simply Deploy These 4 Easy Tactics That Made Our Expert  $8,900,750  In Just 4 Short Years

  • Imagine having a simple 4 step blueprint that shows you exactly what you need to implement that can build you a 7 figure business online – cut out all the ‘fluff’ and just get to the ‘golden nuggets.’
  • Imagine never needing to learn boring, tedious technical skills, just to make a great living online.
  • Imagine not spending hours and hours researching, reading books and courses, watching videos, all full of intricate, difficult strategies – just plug in what works, and then spend the rest of your time enjoying your life.
  • Imagine not having to go through the hassle and time of creating your own products, or having to pay someone else to do it.
  • Imagine having all the time you could wish for to spend on what you really love in your life; your family, hobbies, travel……finally you can live the ‘IM lifestyle!’

Here’s what you’ll get inside The Paper Project:

  • The one piece of paper blueprint that details the only 4 simple tactics that you need to deploy in your affiliate business today.

    Why have confusing and protracted strategies to master, when just one sheet of paper is all you need?

  • A fill-in-the-blanks template so you can easily plot out how you can deploy these 4 tactics.

    This is perfect for destroying confusion and overwhelm. Just fill in the template so you can visually see exactly what you need to implement (regardless of whether you’re a complete newbie, or an established affiliate marketer).

  • A video training course where you get to be ‘a fly on the wall’ as this expert teaches me these 4 tactics.

    Remember, this is the same training his 794 students received, and who had to pay thousands for the privilege.


  • A ‘behind the scenes’ interview where I question the expert to reveal everything on how he made $8,900,750 in just 4 years.

    You wanted me to ‘cut the fluff?’ Well here it is! A no-holds-barred interview where I get this expert to reveal all, no stone unturned.

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What else would you like to do with your time?
Instead of being glued to the laptop, combing through courses and videos, trying to make sense of it all?

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what other affiliate marketers are saying about The Paper Project …





Liviu Bibiri
Liviu Bibiri Sibiu, Romania

My name is John Wright I am an internet marketer from Warrington in UK!

I have just reviewed The Paper Project by Craig Crawford.

The product consists of a number of short but easy to understand step by step videos, with the talent instructing on a whiteboard.

These four pillars are the blueprint for the subject of this course which is affiliate marketing for the newbie.

Instead of earning small change , look for the twist in the tale, where you can earn some big bank instead of small commissions.

It is well put together and like all products that come out.

Oh ! If they would only take some action on this, then there is definitely an online income to be made.

At the price that this is been sold at its a no brainier to me and I will purchase it.

Just for clarity and openness I haven’t met Craig a Crawford and only became a friend on Facebook today, but he wanted a transparent review and I was happy to help.

I offered to review the product honestly and I will purchase it when it launches.

John Wright.

John Wright
John Wright Manchester, United Kingdom

I reviewed the paper project. It’s not what I expected. I expected a good product full of good information.

What I found was an amazing product which shows you what you need to know in the 4 key areas of your business.

You’re actually given the paper and walked thru the process in a deep dive format

This is one training you need to get, watch and take action on

Highflying recommended

Richard Butler

Richard Butler
Richard Butler Barcelona, Spain

Let’s be honest, you could pass on this offer today, and continue gleaning as much information from lengthy courses and complicated strategies, taking in different, conflicting advice, buying one shiny object after another, and just hope the ‘confusion mist’ finally lifts one day.

OR I can show you how my friend made $8,900,750 in under 4 years, using just 4 simple tactics, ready for you to deploy immediately.

You’re going to fall in love with the utter simplicity of The Paper Project, but not only will you finally have a proven, 7 figure blueprint, that literally fits on one side of A4, when you join me today you'll also Get This Unbelievable FREE Bonus...

Meet This Marketing Guru And Discover How He's Making $3,729+ Per Day (And How He's Helped those 794+ Others Go From Struggling To Online Income Earners)

Meet Our Expert Affiliate marketer And Discover How He's Making $3729+ Per Day (And How He Helped 794+ Students Go From Struggling to 7 Figure Earners).

On this one-off live training, exclusively for The Paper Project customers, you'll meet the man behind The Paper Project, where he will teach you his 4 step system that can give you that 7 figure financial freedom you dream of.

He shall dive deep into the 4 core areas and introduce you to the fast track path to online success

So, if you want to make $3,000 - $10,000+ per month, WITHOUT tech skills, creating products or selling anything yourself...

This is a MUST ATTEND live event...

(This will NOT be recorded)

Remember, this expert will be sharing a stage with Tony Robbins in the next few months, and there will be people paying thousands to hear him speak.

You'll get the chance to hear all his secrets...... for FREE!

Basically, right now you have just 2 choices to make:

Choice 1:

You can go back to reading courses, viewing videos etc., and try to figure out the real profit pulling ‘gems.’

Who knows? You might strike lucky, and you might figure out how to build a lucrative 7 figure affiliate business on your own (after all, that’s what our expert did……after many years of trying and failing .…………)

Or, there’s the smart choice; a route to drastically shortcut all your learning, AND destroy confusion and overwhelm once and for all.

Choice 2:

The smart thing to do is get your hands on a copy of The Paper Project now.

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 So, the million dollar question, how much?

What would it be worth to you to break free from your current roadblock right now, and remove all the confusion and overwhelm you’re feeling about affiliate marketing? What would it be worth to never feel ‘stuck’ again, or to never be sucked into buying yet another shiny object, and actually start to see some serious profits online?

What would it be worth to you to have an uncomplicated, straight forward, proven 7 figure blueprint, that’s so transparent and simple, it fits onto one side of paper, together with one-on-one access to our expert, coaching you to success? $1,000? $2,000? More?

Of course I’m not going to charge anything like that!

The whole point of me pleading with my friend to allow me to reveal his 7 figure blueprint was that I wanted people who didn’t have thousands to spare on mentoring to have access to it.

I had originally decided to charge $150 and I genuinely believe that’s incredible value.

But, as my friend has only allowed me to reveal his blueprint for just 7 days before I have to take it offline, I’ve decided to offer it at a crazy low price of


You’ve got to agree, that’s an incredibly low cost for getting your hands on the only affiliate business blueprint you’ll ever need!

Hang on! What's the catch?

So why am I giving you access to this 7 figure blueprint for less than the cost of a ticket to the movies?

Well, for one simple reason.

Anyone who has followed me for any length of time will know I do my best to help people who are struggling, just like I was in the past.

I’ve been there……the confusion, the frustration, the overwhelm, the feeling like you’re just missing that one important piece of the jigsaw that would make it all work.

Recommending something that I know can genuinely help you, and can really make a big difference in your life, is MUCH more important to me than how much money I make up front.

However, I AM still a marketer… 😊

I genuinely want to see you succeed online, and this is the first strategy I’ve ever come across that is so simple, it can be laid out on one sheet of A4.

I really believe that anyone can do affiliate marketing, when it’s laid out in such an uncomplicated, transparent way.

And, when you do start winning, you’ll then be happy to buy other products that I create that help you build on your success, or buy affiliate products based on my recommendations.

It’s a true win-win situation.

I'm in this business for the long haul, and I want to do what it takes to bring you with me. Offering The Paper Project at this silly low price, and giving you the ultimate ‘leg up,' is my way of doing just that.

If You’re SERIOUS About FINALLY Making
The Kind Of Affiliate Commissions You Deserve, Then Get Your Hands On The Paper Project Today

As I explained before, my friend did not want me to reveal his 1 page blueprint. He only agreed on the proviso that I only allow it to be live for SEVEN DAYS.


Remember, he has mentored 794 students using this 7 figure blueprint, all of whom have paid thousands for his advice and coaching.

He will also be sharing a stage with Tony Robbins later this year, where delegates will pay thousands to hear him speak.

He really did not want his blueprint to be available to the general public, as he does not want to deal with a load of loophole chasers and biz op tire kickers – he is far too busy dealing with real action takers, and does not want to squander energy on people who are not motivated to succeed.

I convinced him by reassuring him that his blueprint would only be available to the right people who were motivated to change their lives.

He finally relented, but only after stipulating that I could only make this offer for 7 days, to make sure the only people who gained access to his blueprint were truly serious about success.

This really is a complete no brainer. But, in case there’s just a tiny bit of doubt left in your mind, I'm going to remove ALL the risk!

You're totally protected by my 30 day money-back guarantee:

30 Day, 100% No-Questions-Asked “Cannot Lose” Guarantee

Download Now and Risk $0.00

If, for any reason during the first 30 days, you don’t fall madly in love with the simplicity of The Paper Project, just send a quick message to my support desk - - and you’ll receive a courteous, fast and full refund.

PLUS you get to keep the blueprint, the fill-in-the-blanks template, the video course and the interview.

No strings attached. No hard feelings. No risk whatsoever – You either get results with The Paper Project or you get your money back.

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So, by now, I’m sure you can appreciate the Amazing Value For Money you’re getting here:

The Paper Project $150.00

PLUS: Live coaching webinar with the The Paper Project 7 figure expert $297.00

That’s a genuine value of $347.00
value for JUST $99.95

Now, you can choose to take no action, and chances are, you’ll be stuck exactly where you are right now, trying a little bit of this and that, consuming hideous amounts of content trying to figure it all out yourself, and emptying your pockets of cash, buying one course after another.

In fact, the only way you can possible lose is to NOT take action. Remember, in all my years of online marketing, this is the ONLY strategy I have seen that literally fits onto a sheet of paper, and is so simple, anyone can follow it.

To take advantage, click the Buy button now...

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Don’t miss this opportunity to finally have a complete $7K blueprint, plus ‘fly on the wall’ video training that was sold to this expert’s students for $$$$, AND live coaching with our expert.

Imagine deleting all those convoluted courses and eBooks on your laptop, and just being able to concentrate on the ONLY 4 tactics you need to build a 7 figure affiliate business ………….that’s what happens when get your hands on The Paper Project!

Remember, this offer is only open for 7 days, so after this period, you’ll never see this offer again. Click the Buy button now...



Craig Crawford

P.S. This is a 7 day limited offer. I CANNOT keep access open after this, as this 7 figure expert will not accept any more live coaching after 7 days, nor will he give access to his blueprint. Join me today and watch me receive the full ‘fits onto 1 piece of paper’ blueprint, that made this expert $8,900,750 in under 4 years, by clicking the Buy button above.

P.P.S. Just a reminder, you could skip over this offer, but then you'll stay in exactly the same place as you are now, confused, frustrated, overwhelmed and ‘stuck.’ Let me finally help you get rid of it all. Remember, you are protected by my Risk Free, Money Back Guarantee. Try out The Paper Project today – You won’t regret it, I promise! ‘