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Craig Crawford & Dean Holland:
The Paper Project Interview


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The Paper Project Launches On:

Feb 13th @ 10AM EST

 Affiliate Contest Ends:

 February 18th @ MIDNIGHT EST

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The Front-Product - What Is The Paper Project?

The Paper Project is an entire 7 figure business on 1 piece of paper... Sounds crazy, we know… But this isn’t fluff… We have proof of this system and what it can generate! 7 FIGURES!

This isn’t just the product obviously, but it’s something that not only explains the business model, they get their own template to create their OWN paper project.

The Paper Project Covers the 4 core areas of focus in a high quality, easy to follow and understandable video course:

  • Traffic

  • List build

  • Follow-up

  • Sale System

The Paper Project will include a download PDF of the piece of paper, so customers can see the blueprint of the 7-figure business model themselves and then a downloadable template of the piece of people for them to fill in.

All to accompany the main training which is in video format.

This also includes an interview with the creator of the 7-Figure business

The hook on the project is simple, but effective… Especially when the course is the route that’s generated millions of dollars, along with proof! "I sat with this guy who is making 7 figures a year online and asked him how he was doing it...

What he handed me was one piece of paper and said, "this is how it's done" ..."

OTO1: Captipic Lead Personalisation Tool:

What is Captipic?

Captipic is a cloud based SAAS that allows anyone to personalise images with their leads & customers names & information obtained when they opt in.

This is a great addition to the Paper Project because it’s based on list building and follow ups! This allows personalisation of these campaigns adding a professional touch and building that relationship with the customers/leads that EVERYONE should be doing.

Many VERY successful people like Frank kern uses this method...
See the example below:

OTO2: Captipic Lead Personalisation Enhancement Package:

What is The Captipic Enhancement Pack?

This is an addition to oto1 is an amazing way for people to add MORE personalisation AND get more out of the use of the main software

OTO3: Marketers Goldmine:

This addition to the launch is a monthly subscription! It’s the final addition to this launch funnel that will help them with their business venture.

It’s full of an abundance of brilliant resources, from animated video backgrounds, to still backgrounds, sound effects and music, banners, logos, into’s, outro’s and MORE on a monthly basis!

 Affiliate Contest Ends:

 February 18th @ MIDNIGHT EST

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This Piece Of Paper Could Change Your Life… Wanna See?
Over 9Million dollars and counting, want a slice of that?
One man, One piece Of Paper & a whole ton of cash!
A fully fledged business on one piece of paper and you NEED to see it!

Hey [[[NAME]]]

A good friend of mine, Craig Crawford used to work
with his buddy in a bar about 15 years ago…

One of them went off to make over 9-MlLLION
dollars online in the past 8 years alone…

And over those years he also teaches others how to make
money too, without creating products, websites
or personally selling anything!


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Over the Christmas period Craig went to his office to
find out exactly how he’s doing it…

…To his shock he explained the entire money making
system on just ONE piece of paper!

During the course of spending about 2 hours with him
he revealed the 4 things he does each day that’s made
him over $9million and he allowed me to record everything
he taught me and now Craig is going to share it with you…

You get to be a fly on the wall and discover everything for

Go See The Paper Project HERE: <<<[[[LINK]]]

PS. This is only available for seven days.. So don’t dawdle.

Hey guys!

I’m seriously excited to be sharing a piece of paper with you!

Yes, you heard me… A Piece of paper!

I’m not insane, two very experienced guys are exposing a multiple

SEVEN FIGURE business model on just one piece of paper,
Craig Crawford has been digging into his buddies business
model and exposing SERIOUS NUMBERS!

If you’re as curious as I am… Click HERE: <<<[[[LINK]]]

On the next page you’ll find out more about how he’s gone
on to help countless people make an income online and with
crazily high success rates.

The best bit?

This system is revealed on ONE piece of paper! Insane I know.

The business model is fully exposed on the next page but only for
a limited time, then it vanished FOREVER!

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​SUBJECT: Steal This “Covert” 7 Figure Affiliate Blueprint From One Of The World’sTop Affiliate Marketers /

SUBJECT: The Simplest Way EVER To Build A 7 Figure Affiliate Business?

SUBJECT: These 4 Tactics Are The Shortcut To A 7 Figure Affiliate Business

Imagine if there was an easy 4 step blueprint you could implement right now that:

  1. Showed you, on just one side of A4, EXACTLY what you need to do to build a 7 figure business online
  2. Destroyed all the confusion and overwhelm in trying to keep up with difficult, intricate strategies, and just gave you the ability to ‘plug in’ what actually works

Would you use it?

Well this is exactly what Craig gives you with this:


Craig has cut through all the noise and went directly to an expert affiliate marketer, who is sharing a stage with Tony Robbins later in 2018, and asked him how he went from $60K in debt to a 7 figure affiliate business in just 4 short years.

No long-winded course, no rehashed information from around the web, this is the exact blueprint this expert affiliate marketer has used to pull in over $9,000,000 in the last 4 years……and it’s so simple, it fits onto one side of A4!

These 4 steps will be all you need to transform your affiliate business and start making daily, lucrative cash-in-the-bank sales.

This is literally from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

Deployed correctly (Craig shows you how), this simple, yet immensely powerful blueprint will show you:

  1. The only 4 simple tactics that you will ever need to deploy in your affiliate business today.

Get rid of all of those confusing and protracted strategies. From now on, this ‘fits on one sheet of paper’ blueprint is all you need.

  1. How to easily plot out and implement these 4 tactics in your own business (regardless of whether you’re a complete newbie, or an established affiliate marketer).
  2. How this 7 figure expert marketer uses these 4 tactics in his own affiliate business.

This is the same training this expert gave to 794 students, who went from a standing still position to earning 7 figures, and who had to pay thousands for the privilege.

Now, you get to be a ‘fly on the wall’ as this expert trains Craig in the only 4 steps needed to make 7 figures online.

……AND… these tactics are super FAST and super EASY to implement.

See what I mean here:


I HIGHLY recommend you pick this up – it’s unique and very, very good.

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SUBJECT: The SECRET 4 Step Blueprint Of An Expert 7 Figure Affiliate Marketer

SUBJECT: Steal This “Covert” 7 Figure Affiliate Blueprint

SUBJECT: The #1 Threat To Your Affiliate Success


It’s easy to get SWAMPED with information about how to succeed in affiliate marketing.

So many gurus, so many complicated strategies, and so many shiny bright objects to buy.

You MUST break through this “noise” if you are going to make any kind of money online.

If you’ve ever wondered how one of the world’s top affiliate marketers makes 7 figures a year (he’s so well-known, he’s sharing a stage with Tony Robbins later this year):


I’m VERY excited about this because, as you’ll see on the link above, Craig Crawford has managed to sweet talk this 7 figure expert marketer into releasing his secret affiliate blueprint to the public, but for a very short time only.

What’s amazing about this blueprint is, instead of being long, protracted and convoluted (like most strategies out there), this is only 4 steps long, and literally fits onto one side of A4 paper!

Leaving you completely free from confusion and overwhelm – just plug in what works, and forget the rest.

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SUBJECT: The ONLY 4 Tactics You Need To Build A 7 Figure Affiliate Business In 2018 (Inside)

SUBJECT: The Only 4 Steps You Need To A 7 Figure Affiliate Business?

SUBJECT: Don’t Open This Email If You DON’T Want To Earn 7 Figures In Affiliate Commissions In 2018

Did you know that there’s only 4 steps you need to make 7 figures online in affiliate commissions?


I HIGHLY recommend you pick this up – it’s extremely well put together, high quality and will help you build a 7 figure affiliate business – just copy the only 4 tactics this expert affiliate marketer used to go from $60K in debt to $9,000,000 in profits within 4 short years. Seriously.

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